Sunday, October 4, 2015

Emergency Attack compilation # 3 (looking for grindcore bands)

Hi y'all,
We're doing another Emergency Attack DIY compilation with our friends from klinik 66  that'll be available for free download as soon as ready.
This time we're just looking for grindcore bands and powerviolence similar to grindcore .

( we still need 10 bands )

If you're interested you can send your track (WAV or MP3) and artwork (logo) to: 
crapziness (A)

nov 27 B.E.T.O.E. (YV) + The End of Ernie + Silence Means Death +Suffer Damage + Empty Bottles + Sunbourne And! 80's After Party!@ Landhuis, GENT

news Oct. 2015


Jueves 8 Octubre
PIÑEN + ROTE ZORA @ CSOA Transformadors
Sábado 10  Domingo 11 Octubre
La Rima - Festival de Hip Hop Feminista
LAS KRUDAS (Cuba) + MC MUSTAJ (Amsterdam) + LA FURIA (Euskal Herria) + CHA.NE.KA (Chile/París) + RiAAM (Francia) + LA BASU (Euskal Herria) + BOCAdeBABA + ALYTA + BITTAH + KALI KENS @ Nou Barris
Martes 13 Octubre
Concierto benéfico para proyectos anarcofeministas
Jueves 15 Octubre
Koncierto benéfico para colectivo anarcofeminista
Jueves 15 Viernes 16 Sabado 17 
Sábado 17 Octubre
ANASAZI (U$A) + DIE (UK) + PISS (Alemania) + banda x confirmar @ La Jungla
Sábado 24 Octubre
Femme soroll
BAMBIX (Holanda) + PERRÄS SALVAJES (Madrid) + ON (Euskalherria) + FAMILY MURDERS (Olesa de Montserrat) + BAULA + CHAOS BCN @ 
Viernes 30 Sabado 31 Octubre  Domingo 1 Noviembre
Tattoo Circus 2015 pro-Presxs
VI 30 Oct.KONCERT: BOOM (Toulouse) + CHAOS BCN +...@ CSO La Astilla (L'Hospitalet)
Viernes 30 Sabado 31 Octubre  Domingo 1 Noviembre
Fiestas Alternativas a Barrakes de Xirona  @ CSO Kan Kolmo (c/del Carme'41)
SA  31 Oct KONCERT: BOOM (Toulouse) + ANSÍA (Bcn) +.OUTSIDERS (Bcn) + banda x confirmar
Domingo 8 Noviembre
30a Fira de Intercanvis a Mieres (Banyoles,Pla d'Estany)
Sábado 14 Noviembre
Domingo 15 Noviembre
PRISON (Dinamarca) + CHROMA + CIUDAD LINEAL @ Los Blokes Fantasma
GERK (crust,Argentina) vienen de nuevo de gira por europa, tristemente ésta vez sin ninguna fecha en la peninsula. Tienen un disco nuevo "Ultimatum". En el archivo las fechas de la gira.
GERK (crust, Argentina) will realize again an European Tour. They come with their new album "Ultimatum". The tour-poster added in the archive.
EDITORIAL IMPERDIBLE ha sacado un nuevo libro con textos de Jose Tarrio "Que la lucha no muera" 
EDITORIAL IMPERDIBLE released a new book with texts of Jose Tarrio "Que la lucha no muera"

editorialimperdible (A)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

New Release of Evil Punk Records - ABOMINATIONS ALL OVER & BEDA 'No Ordo Seclorum' Split /2015/

On September 23 and 23 release ...

 ABOMINATIONS ALL OVER - a one man project/band ( punk /metal ) hailing from forced labor camp belgica...100%DIY
BEDA - Evil Raw Punk From Belarusian Bogs...100%DIY



Portals - The Empty

Portals has just released their debut EP entitled "The Empty" for free download

Alternate Download Link:


thrash-metal from São Carlos - Brazil, making noise since 2001.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

STOP NWO - inform yourself, and take steps to thwart their agenda!

There is a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an elite group of genetically related individuals which include many of the very wealthy, politically powerful, and corporate elite of the world, as well as members of the so-called Black Nobility of Europe whose goal is to create a One World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda. Events are moving at a frightening pace toward the total implementation of that agenda. 

You need to inform yourself of this diabolical scheme and take steps to thwart their agenda!

Pay attention, educate yourself, 

Question and criticize authority and take steps to thwart their fascist agenda!
Know that no government fights fascism to destroy it. 
When the bourgeoisie sees that power is slipping out of its hands,
 it brings up fascism to hold onto their privileges .

 Boycott corporate power,
fascism has been perceived to be a last resort weapon of the privileged
to ensure the maintenance of wage slavery .

Only one needs to be present for slavery to exist . Someone is in slavery if they are:
-forced to work - through mental or physical threat;
-owned or controlled by an 'employer',
usually through mental or physical abuse or the threat of abuse;
-dehumanised, treated as a commodity or bought and sold as 'property';
-physically constrained or has restrictions placed on his/her freedom of movement.

 So …  it's up to us to destroy fascism and capitalism today, for a better tomorrow  !!!
Oppose and fight capitalism and fascism to destroy it whenever you can.

Society Prison Complex

Society Prison Complex are a Hardcore Punk Grindcore Crust band from germany.

Friday, September 11, 2015

NEGATIVE NERVES - Turning The Gears Of The Suffering Years (2015)

 2015.... the year of me taking my sweet ass time to make an album. well 85 tracks later.. and i'm finished.. i think....?!?!?! here i bring you a shit ton of songs mostly in the punk rock style. some with keyboard drums, some with fruity loops beat annnnnnd some with real drumming. there is a good chunk of experimental stuff going on here. the album starts with acoustic driven material then goes on and off with the paces and style mixtures. over fucking all, we have a piece of musical awesomeness brought to you by one man. note. track 85 is 42 minutes. and its an array of madness and songs mixed together. the whole album clocks in at 2 hours and some change. most of the shit on here is fast, some with angry vocals, some with softer vocals. bits of thrash, hardcore, folk, grind and grunge make up this masterful mess of mayhem. FUCKIN DOWNLOAD THIS SHITE:

Oct - Próximos eventos Upcoming Events

Viernes 11 Septiembre
Jueves 17 Septiembre
Estallidos racistas en Alemania. Charla sobre la reciente ola de violencia contra los refugiados y la respuesta antifascista @ Ateneu llibertari del Palomar
Viernes 18 Septiembre
Inauguración de la exposición "La efervescència social de la Barcelona dels anys 1917-1923" del Ateneu Enciclopèdic Popular" + presentación del libro "La huelga de alquileres y el Comité de Defensa Económica" por su autor Manel Aisa                                                                                                                @ Ateneu Llibertari "La Filosa" (Molins Sense Rei)
De Jueves 17 a Domingo 20 Septiembre
Jornadas de presentación del CSOA Transformadors
Jueves 17 Septiembre
Actuación teatral - Papito y Pepito. - "Dos magos dos, mucho truco y poca magia, ¿o era al revés?"
Viernes 18 Septiembre
Fa 30 anys a Transformadors. Exposición fotográfica, archivo de carteles y pase del documental "El Peor Dios" sobre el grupo Desechables. Con los directores, Àlex i Dani, y Pei, el batería original.
Sábado 19 Septiembre
Desayuno, presentación del libro "Acción Travesti Callejera Revolucionaria" a cargo de la editorial Imperdible, comida ecológica a cargo de la Cooperativa de Consumo Agro-ecológico de Transformadors, "Ateneos libertarios y luchas vecinales en la Barcelona de la Transición", charla con el historiador, maestro y compañero Xavier Oller. Concierto: NERVOSAS (U$A) + ALGO TÓXICO + FUEGO EN LA MONCLOA (Anti/Dogmatikss)
Domingo 20 Septiembre
Presentación de PROJECTE ÚTER, una narrativa gráfica sobre el aborto a cargo de las autoras Carles i Toñina. Comida ecológica.                             @ CSOA Transformadors
Domingo 20 Septiembre
De Jueves 24 a Domingo 27 Septiembre
4 dias de apoyo a pres@s anarquist@s conciertos y comidas veganas con "las Vegan"
Jueves 24 Septiembre
LOBOTOMIA (Brasil) + DAMAGED HEAD (Suecia) + MEDICATION @ Los Blokes Fantasma
Viernes 25 Septiembre
Concierto acústico de ALARM (Francia) & cenador a cargo del colectivo Las Vegan (Francia) @ Kasa de la Muntanya
Sábado 26 Septiembre
CHICKENS CALL (Francia) + SEB AND THE RADIX (Francia) + CRUZ + ADDENDA + banda x confirmar & cenador a cargo del colectivo Las Vegan (Francia) @ Can Batlló
Domingo 27 Septiembre
Punk picnic con KICK IT (Alemania) + VERTIGO + LOUIS ARMSTRONG @ Ateneu "la Biblio"
Sábado 26 Septiembre
Jornada Punk solidaria
Presentación fanzines Pogo!, La Utopia es necesaria y Atake de nervios @ l'Ateneu Llibertàri La Filosa (Molins Sense Rei)
Concierto: KAKO+ VERTIGO + KNÜR @ CSO Kasablanka (Molins Sense Rei)
Martes 13 Octubre
THE STOPS (U$A) + ROTE ZORA + grupos x confirmar @ CSO La Rampa
Jueves 15 Octubre
KÜRRAKÄ (U$A) + bandas x confirmar @ Los Blokes Fantasma
Sábado 24 Octubre
Femme soroll
BAMBIX (Holanda) + PERRÄS SALVAJES (Madrid) + ON (Euskalherria) + FAMILY MURDERS (Olesa de Montserrat) + BAULA + CHAOS BCN @ Can Batlló
Viernes 30 Sabado 31 Octubre  Domingo 1 Noviembre
Tattoo Circus 2015 pro-Presxs                                                                                                                                                                     @ CSO La Astilla (L'Hospitalet)
Viernes 30 Sabado 31 Octubre  Domingo 1 Noviembre
Fiestas Alternativas a Barrakes de Xirona      

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Out now 7" EP - DISKOBRA

DISKOBRA - Dirty raw d-beat crust punk from Hungary with lyrics in their mother language about social issues and ex members HUMAN ERROR, inspired by the scandinavian 80´s bands like MOB 47, PROTES BENGT or DISCARD with a pinch of finnish punk, reminiscent vocal of old classic bands like KAAOS or TERVEET KADET. A little bit special band with their own style. Total hailstorm! The material was taken from their demo tape including two songs from their split CD with DISPLEASE. Coming out on Aback Distribution in this time eight toxic songs, on black vinyl with milk splatter in edition to 500 pieces with the inlay and cover printed on hard paper. Price for one copy 5 Euro without shipping. For the postal order added button with sticker band!! The band will perform a live show at MORE NOISE FOR LIFE vol.10 fest in october. You can check out the recording on their bandcamp profile.
TRADES ARE WELCOME for sure! I love to trade so much!! Or i can also offer a wholesale price.


oct 17, 2015 More noise for life vol.10

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

P2​?​P38! L'iniziazione Demo

This demo tape version has been released after the band split up. It contains a different tracklist from the original CDR version and some Bonus Tracks.

Link to Streaming and Download:
released 01 March 2015