Friday, 22 August 2014

THE DEAD GOATS - Path Of The Goat – LP – out really soon!

THE DEAD GOATS - Path Of The Goat - LP
If you dig into Swedish style of death metal as deep as the first albums of DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED and GRAVE, then don't be fooled and miss that part of cemetary where THE DEAD GOATS are digging their crypt!
Album to be releases on heavy weight 180 g black vinyl housed in black innersleeve and exclusive gatefold cover – 350 gsm stock, coated paper.
Limieted to 500 hand-numbered copies.
First 200 copies (available only in DSOP distro) comes with 50x70 cm (19"x27") poster "Goats Of Cthvlhv."
Songs schedule is a bit differen than on CD version released in 2012 by Instant Classic Records and looks like:
Lullabies For The Damned
Graveyard Rendez-Vous
Drowned In Puke
Even Death May Die
Ratwater Blues
The Pain Keeper
Rapture Corrupted
The Goat Is Dead, Long Live The Goat
Maggot's March
I Am Gangrene
selected CD version reviews:
Terrorizer (5/5): "Path of the Goat" sounds like a chainsaw and is as catchy as it is evil as fuck: it grinds, rocks and is a primo example of death metal sliding down Hell's slippery slope into the waiting bosom of the darkest of dark lords.

"I'm not sure what kind of magic is at work here, but 'Path of the Goat' sounds (to say it nicely) ace. It's heavy, dirty and powerful. Most d-beat bands would shit themselves after hearing this album. (...) There's only one thing to do here: scream on top of your lungs 'Dismember is dead, long live The Dead Goats', put on your denim vest and march on to see them live" - Arek Lerch, Violence Online

"L.G. Petrov would be proud" - Łukasz Dunaj, T-Mobile Music – full album to listen
THE DEAD GOATS - Path Of The Goat - LP gatefold
12 E (50 pln for order from Poland) + postage
Presale is open untill 22nd August 2014! Premiere date – 23.08.2014!
- Germany = 7 E - DHL parcel up to 10 kg (you can add more stuff;)
- Poland = 10 pln
- World = 9 E - registered mail up to 1 kg (max 2 copies)
- EU Countrys option - parcel up to 5 kg = 18 E (you can add more stuff;)
Order only by e-mail:
Details and much more stuff on
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Friday, 1 August 2014

Les presentamos el trailer oficial del Documental Desacato a la Autoridad (capítulo 1).

finalmente aquí esta! DESACATO A LA AUTORIDAD relatos de punx locales (1983 1988) , un documental de Tomas Makaji y Patricia Pietrafesa, camara Martin Cardoso, en el trailer musica de She Devils. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahi va!

Los años de la dictadura argentina van quedando atrás dando lugar a la instauración de la democracia que se asienta progresivamente en una sociedad fuertemente represiva, con temor hacia la juventud y desconfianza hacia lo nuevo y diferente.
En este contexto un grupo de jóvenes inconformes pone en acción una nueva manifestación de la contra cultura subterranea que se abre su propio paso e invade las calles de la ciudad de Buenos Aires haciéndose oír. Se autodenominan Punks y pretenden enfrentarse a la imposición de reglas, leyes autoridad y moral imperante/ a toda forma socialmente impuesta de reglas, leyes, autoridad y moral imperante.
Crean su propio mundo, un mundo mítico y artístico que se materializa en una estética propia sinón506 de identidad y expresión individual. Rechazan rotundamente la cultura del rock nacional e inventan sus propios medios y formas de comunicación siendo los fanzines (Vaselina, Resistencia, Rebelión Rock y otros) evidencia de ello.
Este es el primer capitulo de Desacato a la Autoridad, una trilogía que cuenta la creación de esa contra cultura joven de principios de la democracia desde un nuevo enfoque donde el protagónico lo tienen las ideas y actividades que acompañan al movimiento punk mas allá de las bandas, invitando al espectador a sumergirse en el mundo del underground porteño donde todo es posible, crear, comunicar, tocar, organizar.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Caveman Instinct - Dissect The Core (2014)

23 Gutteral Mindfuck Grind Punk Assaults With Lots Of Horror Movie Influence And Samples Galore.Straight Forward,Chaotic,Short,Belt Sander Throat Roar,Grindy,Punk,Crust,Hardcore, Noise To Make Your Neighbors Crazy And Pollute Your Mind!!!! BLLLLLAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! KILL! :

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Αστική σύρραξη - Astiki Syraksi - DEMO

Αστική σύρραξη (Urban Warfare) are an anarcho punkband from greece.
free download their demo here:

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

TRIBÜNAL "Helpless" ep out now on tape and as digital download

German one-man d-beat-unit Tribünal just released “Helpless” as tape and digital-download. The 5 songs show an even rawer and grittier side of the Tribünal sound, with even more primitive songs and structures and a noisy and distorted though powerful sound. It’s obvious that S., Tribünal’s only member, is a huge fan of Electric Funeral, Framtid, Dropend and the likes.

The tape is available through Tribünal’s bandcamp page ( as well as through Kink Records ( and Contraszt! Records (

The following url points at a zip-file with all songs as mp3 and a png-file of the cover:
Tribünal was founded in April 2013. The only member of the band, S., has been active in a variety of metal-, hardcore- and noise/power-electronics-projects in the Hannover area in Germany since 1998. In it’s first year the band released the “FTW” ep, the “All Hope Is Lost” tape-ep and contributed tracks to the “Freedom Punker” compilation series and the “SxE Sells” compilation, which will soon be released on CobraXRecords.

For fans of: AntiCimex, Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, Driller Killer, All Pigs Must Die, Nails

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Stheno - "Damnation Is Forever" EP

Stheno - "Damnation Is Forever" EP (SCR 016) AVAILABLE
Stheno is a new brutal act from Volos, Greece that rose from the ashes of Bedlam and Unfit Earth. Damnation Is Forever deliver 5 tracks of heavy death/grind with elements of crust and black metal. Haunting, old-school death metal rhythms, pounding blast-beats, guttural vocals is what you get once you visit Stheno's realm of perception...yet, it's more than just music. Co-released by: World's Appreciated Kitsch, Clean Head Productions, Chaos and Hell Productions, We Don't Fight It and Scull Crasher.

Saturday, 19 July 2014


LEGO are rattled. First our video was removed from Youtube. Hours later, it was put back after thousands of us voiced our outcry!
But LEGO are still refusing to meet us. So in 4 days, undercover LEGO agents will go to their Head Office in Slough to deliver every single name on the petition asking them to dump Shell.
You’ve already signed along with 103,239 potential LEGO customers - if each of us now share the petition with one more person we can double that number before we visit LEGO.
The bigger number they see, the more worried they’ll be about future sales.
4 days to go - can you forward this email to some friends? They can sign here:
LEGO has very senior managers based in the UK. They care deeply about UK sales figures and the reputation of their brand. Right now, that reputation is being damaged by their refusal to reconsider their partnership with Shell.
In 4 days, Greenpeace volunteers will show up at their office in front of LEGO’s staff and the public with all the names of people who want them to dump Shell.
It might just be the nudge the Chief Executive needs to pick up the phone to the CEO in Denmark, and tell him it’s time to end their misguided deal with Shell.
So let’s make sure that number is huge. Share this email with your friends.
When we work together we get results. From getting Jewsons to drop Amazon timber, to confronting Statoil near Bear Island, bit by bit we’re making companies behave responsibly. Together we can get LEGO to come over to the good side, too.
Can you ask more people to join in and sign here?

Thanks for all you do,
Fran and the Arctic team
PS: Yesterday, volunteers went to LEGO’s HQ in Denmark to try to deliver the names of everyone who has signed the petition to the CEO. But they were stonewalled. LEGO seem to think that if they carry on ignoring us, we’ll eventually go away. Let’s show them how wrong they are: